Where To Start When You’ve Fallen Off the Wagon?

Hey girl! It’s been a while…

Around this time of year a lot of you are still crushing your goals and wrapping up the year with setting new goals for the next year. However, a large portion of you (us) have fallen off the wagon this time of year and feel STUCK. It’s so hard to get back “on” after you feel like you’ve fallen off. One of the reasons it’s so hard to get back on is because you may be overthinking the process. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking you have to wait until the “right” time or the “perfect” time to start again. Or, you may be thinking that you have to pick up where you left off… Both of those are furthest from the truth!

You actually don’t need to pick up where you left off because if where you left off was working, you would’ve never quit!! (Come on, somebody!) If you want to get back on and be successful, you’ve got to go back to the place where you were your most successful. Maybe that was at the beginning. And, that’s ok! Go back there! Maybe that was a few months ago right before life took a crazy turn. If you were successful during that moment, go back THERE! Don’t go back to the place where you quit and try to pick up. Go back to where you were doing good and start from there.

The more successes you have, the more likely you will keep going. If you start out already feeling defeated, then guess what…you’re going to be defeated. I always tell people, the greatest chance of you continuing and succeeding is being able to actually SEE yourself succeed. I mean, really, who wants to continue to do something they feel like they keep failing at??? I don’t see anyone with raised hands! The best chance you can give yourself to get this thing back right, is to see yourself killing it! I’ve never met a person who said, “Well, I’m doing too good right now to keep going. I’m just going to stop because I can’t deal with how much I’m killing it.” Ummmm, no! What I hear is, “I am crushing my goals and I feel so good. I’m going to keep this up!”

So, my question (well, questions) to you are … When was the time you felt your most successful with your weight loss and health journey? What caused you to fall off the wagon? Answering these two questions will give you a good place to start!

If you’re still confused, don’t worry! I’m going to help you out! I have 3 ways that I’ve been able to keep going for almost 14 years, even when there were times where I had fallen off the wagon…

#1 – Start SMALL!!! All of my ambitious people out there aren’t going to understand this. But, girl, you’ve GOT to start small when you’re trying to get back on the wagon. Almost always will you start and QUIT (soon after) if you try to start out with too much and trying to make huge changes right away. Some examples of small changes are:

  • adding ONE more glass of water into your day
  • eating one more piece of fruit
  • only drinking 2 sodas a day opposed to 3
  • eating cake 3 nights a week as opposed to 4
  • drinking wine instead of fruity cocktails

You will be surprised at how much of a difference these small changes make over time.

#2 – SET GOALS! And, give yourself a realist goal/expectation. When people try to jump back on the wagon they do so with expectations that they cannot live up to. This is a set up for failure before you even start. Realistic for you may be to make changes 2 days of the week. It’s really hard for even the veteran in weight loss to be “on point” for 7 days. It’s just not realistic for the average person. So, make sure those goals are realistic!

#3 – Make sure your sleep is in order. Sleep is the single most important part of your health. It’s the way your body recovers repairs itself. If your sleep is off, then you’re overworking the system that is supposed to be working for you! You want to make sure that all of the hard work that you’re putting in is working for you. So, check that sleep!

There you go! That’s something to think about. So, as you plan to hop back on the wagon this week (because, it’s that time!), take some of these tips into consideration and apply them.

If you need more specific attention and help with getting back on the wagon, schedule a FREE DiscovHERy Session with me and let’s talk and DO something about it! 


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