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My weightloss journey began January 7, 2010. Before then I was ok with being cute for a “big girl”. I knew I was gaining weight but I had no idea how much I had gained until one day I saw a picture of myself, I was so shocked, sad, depressed, and angry that I let myself go like that. The wake up call that really got me serious about losing weight is one day in May of 2009, my sister, Ebony, and I were on a cruise. I was passing by a cake stand that had a variety of cake slices and I grabbed a slice and began eating. Out of nowhere, my sister stated, “I’m concerned about your weight”. This really hurt my feelings. I was kind of upset! Out of all the times to be concerned with “my weight” – she wait until a cruise when I’m enjoying a big slice of moist chocolate cake (insert rolling eyes)! Her saying that, though, only made me want to eat more…and I did. A few hours passed by and I was still thinking about what Ebony said because she really did hurt my feelings. I knew she was concerned but I wish she could have told me in another way. So, I sat her down and told her that I didn’t like the way she approached me about my weight and she apologized and in that instant I knew I had to lose weight. I was totally out of shape – I couldn’t walk long distances before getting out of breath and I was tired all the time. I knew I had to go on a diet but it wasn’t going to be on that cruise! After I got home from the cruise I did not change my eating habits like I thought I was going to do so I continued to eat and be happy, so I thought. One day I was walking with a coworker to another building to fill out some paperwork and I was so out of breath she asked if I was alright. I said yes but in reality I was not. I declared then……once again… that I was going to go on a diet. What better way to make a lifestyle change than in January (new year, new you, right?). After partying for New Year’s Eve I decided to make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. On January 7, 2010, I called my sister and told her my plan and she was so happy! She gave me advice and gave me the tools to help me achieve my goals. When I tell you I prayed hard every day for God to give me strength to endure this journey… This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, but with perseverance and determination I have achieved my goals!! By October 2014, I had lost a total of 67 pounds! My highest weight was 232 lbs. On a 5’3″ frame, that is not healthy at all. Fast forward to November 2015 – life has its curve balls and we’re always getting thrown in different directions. After a major surgery, I gained back 15 lbs and I am currently trying to lose those agonizing lbs! And, I will do it! As long as my sister is my keeper I will again lose the weight and achieve my goal weight – one day at a time!

– Coach K (Kesha)

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I would have to say that my journey to weight loss began somewhere around the end of February or early March 2004. Although I do not know the actual date, I do know that it was that picture of me at the top with that caramel colored leather jacket on that made me say, “WAIT!! Ain’t nobody said nothing to me about looking like this!!!” I remember the day I took that picture like it was yesterday… It was my Senior year of college and I had planned to go to the yard that day to celebrate a new Delta line with my Sorors (Oo-oop!). I had picked out that caramel colored jacket, a sweater with a similar color, some dirty wash jeans, and some caramel colored boots (nobody had better told me I wasn’t cute!). Well, I thought I was cute until I got the pictures back from being developed (omg, that sounds ancient). I saw that picture and was not happy with how stuffed into that jacket I looked. At that moment, I realized it was time for me to do something about my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been small in size and weight up until this point, but I knew that I also had never been this big. This was a lot for ME and I wanted different for myself. So, in 2004 I started a “water diet” (it wasn’t  just water that I was consuming, but a meal plan that reduced sodas and juices and made me take in my 8 glasses of water a day) and started working out consistently and this combo jump started my weight loss. Over the years I’ve educated myself about food and exercise and I continue to try to figure out what I need to do to meet certain goals. I lost a total of 50lbs since 2004 and it didn’t happen over night (and I fluctuate back and forth). This journey has not been easy and everyday is a constant struggle. However, it’s with support, encourage, accountability, education, and patience that I am able to maintain. When my sister began her journey in 2010, she renewed my motivation and determination. If she worked out one day and I hadn’t done so yet, my competitiveness (and guilt) would kick in and I would get it done. Her discipline to her program and journey has pushed me to stay my own course. I’ve become so much stronger – both physically and mentally – since 2004 and I couldn’t have maintained it without my sister. She’s kept me in this game and we continue to keep each other – we are our sister’s keeper.

-Docta Eb

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