PowHER Detox

PowHER Detox


A detox for your mind, body, and SLEEP!


This is a detox like none other! The PowHER detox is a thorough detox that focuses on shifting your mindset so that you can receive optimal benefit from detoxing. Too many times people begin a detox and focus ONLY on the food. Not this time! We know all too well that a complete detox includes detoxing of the mind and improving SLEEP, as these are the two most important areas to target when losing weight and getting healthier.

But, not only that…the PowHER detox comes with a webinar! We won’t shove an e-book down your throat and let you do it alone…no! We are right there with you and we will be hosting a webinar to help you get through the 5 days! The webinar will cover the most important questions: when to detox, how to detox, what foods to eat/not eat, and what to do once the detox is over!