Health & Wellness Coaching: Guiding You to Evolve Into Your Best Self 

DiscovHERy Session


  • Introductions
  • Information about My Sister’s Keep-her, LLC
  • Assessment of eating and health history
  • Discussion of expectations/goals
  • Determine the appropriate program for you


Individual Coaching

individual coaching

  • Goal setting and clarifying
  • Strengths assessment
  • Assessment of barriers
  • Skills building
  • Eating and health assessment
  • Assessment of habits
  • Individualized plans
  • Managing set backs
  • Individualized meal planning
  • Individualized meal prep assistance
  • Mobile coaching
  • One on one support
  • One on one guidance


Group Coaching

group coaching

    • Group goal setting and clarifying
    • Group strengths assessment
    • Assessment of barriers
    • Skills building
    • Eating and health assessment
    • Assessment of habits
    • Plan for set backs
    • Meal planning
    • Meal prep assistance
    • Mobile coaching
    • Support & Guidance

Group Learning 

add on services

  • Webinars
    • Weight loss topics
    • Grocery shopping tips
    • How to set realistic goals
    • Virtual vision boards
    • Recipe sharing
  • Group cooking classes
  • Exercise meet ups
  • Workshops

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